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Unpacking Tips for an Easy Move

Packing and unpacking can be the most stressful part of moving. With so much to coordinate, lift, and organize, it’s often a dreaded task for most. But with a few tips and tricks, you can unpack quicker and avoid feeling overwhelmed as you settle into your new space.

Place boxes in relevant rooms

When moving in, try to avoid creating towers of boxes right inside the front door. Instead, place each box in its appropriate room. Save yourself time by packing room-specific items in their respective boxes and labeling each with the room it belongs in.

Rank boxes based on how often you use it

Ranking your boxes will help you determine what needs to be unpacked immediately and what can wait. Mark an “A” on the boxes full of items you frequently use, like a coffee maker or toiletries. Mark a “B” for things you use often but not every day. Then use “C” for seasonal items, like Halloween costumes or Christmas ornaments.

Work one room at a time

Work your way through one room at a time. Start with the bedroom, specifically the bed. This is an area of the apartment you’ll definitely want ready day one. Then move on to the kitchen, bathrooms and finally the last touches of the bedroom. These are the most essential areas in your apartment and the spaces you will use the most. In addition to working on one room at a time, do the same with boxes. This will help you to not get overwhelmed or stuck with a pile of clutter.

Get the help of a friend

Many hands make for light work. Reach out to a friend to help you unpack quicker. And remember, getting settled into an apartment often takes an entire weekend if not longer; don’t get discouraged as you unpack.