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Turn Your Apartment Into a Home Office

Working from home comes with countless distractions and challenges, and it can be made even more difficult if you’re already tight on square footage. Add a functional office area into your apartment by keeping these easy space-saving tips in mind.

Dedicate a Workspace Area

Avoid your work spreading all over your apartment by dedicating a specific area to working. Keep all relevant items (laptop, notebooks, documents, etc.) in this space. Having an area solely for work will help keep you productive and organized.

Go Wireless

Opting for wireless technology can be a huge space-saver. By using a wireless keyboard and mouse, you won’t be constrained to being near an outlet or have to deal with extension cords running across your floor. Even a small wireless printer stored in a closet or under the bed can free up valuable desk space.

Use Vertical Space

If you have a lot of documents but not a lot of floor space where file storage would normally sit, add room above your desk by installing simple shelves to house file boxes and books. Not only will this declutter your foot space, it can also open up your room more by drawing the eyes up.

Find a Desk That Fits Your Space

It may be tempting to purchase a big, stunning oak desk, but choosing one to fit your small space will reward you in the end. Opt for a writing desk, which tends to run on the smaller side, or depending on your apartment, consider a corner or vertical desk. These desks can utilize space you otherwise may not use and save other precious areas of your home for your actual living.