Mic’d Up with RPM - The "People Episode"

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This episode of Mic’d Up with RPM is a must-listen/watch for early-stage managers and those who are eager to advance in their careers. RPM’s top two “people leaders”, Christine Jones, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, and Jenn Trujillo, Vice President of Engagement, walk us through how to do it and what is needed at every level of leadership.

We are led to the start of Jones and Trujillo’s unique career stories when host Tony Sousa, VP of Marketing Relations, asks how they found their “sweet spot” in their current roles. While she initially enjoyed a fulfilling career at Red Bull, Jones soon discovered that the most gratifying aspect of her job was helping her team grow and succeed. Trujillo echoed similar sentiments, noticing that others' confidence in her helped build her self-assurance as a leader.  

Trujillo openly acknowledged the impact of her relationship with insecurity and imposter syndrome. However, she ultimately realized her self-trust in her knowledge, abilities, and identity, attributing it to her passion for connecting with people.

A prevalent thread in both of their leadership approaches revolves around Being A Good Human by practicing inclusivity and empathetic listening – between associates and teams at all levels. Jones emphasized, "I have never experienced a situation where a brainstorming session wasn't more fruitful than when I attempted to tackle it alone.”

"There's no clear-cut career path, but this is why talent management is so important to me,” said Trujillo. “It is unequivocally our responsibility to create space for folks to grow and thrive. That is our leadership responsibility."

Acknowledging the universal aspiration for career progress, these HR leaders advised against hasty title pursuits. "You don't change as a person when you get the title," assured Jones. Reflecting on a crucial 13-year tenure in one role, she recalled, “All my growth happened there because I was comfortable in the space and knowledgeable. I was able to push myself without just seeking more responsibility.” 

Self-advocacy was determined in their conversation to be a critical ingredient in shaping one’s career trajectory. They both embraced the concept of "leaning in," a term popularized by Sheryl Sandberg's book of the same name. Essentially, this involves speaking up for oneself, proactively engaging in professional development, and taking on challenges beyond one's current role.  

Concerning work-life balance, Jones and Trujillo found that what might serve as a meaningful means of decompression for one person may not hold the same significance for another. RPM associates can find support and community for these individual differences and lived experiences through its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Committee. 

Sousa posed the question, “What is the culture of RPM? Everyone seems to talk about it, but what is it like?” The leaders began describing the essence of the RPM culture, likening it to a quilt with diverse sizes, forms, and pieces. They referred to the unique character of each department, shaped organically by RPM's recent growth to meet its specific purpose and serve its people. 

They expressed their excitement about being part of RPM during this dynamic period, viewing it as an opportunity for individuals to take control of their careers and shape them according to their aspirations.  

Trujillo emphasized that such opportunities are not prevalent in many organizations, highlighting the exceptional willingness of RPM's leadership team to empower individuals to contribute to making it the best possible workplace. According to her, this commitment is unparalleled and sets RPM apart from other organizations. 

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