Nicole McClairn

Nicole McClairn oversees Affordable Compliance for our national portfolio. Nicole has more than 30 years of property management experience in a plethora of affordable housing roles, including Vice President of Compliance, Director of Compliance and Training, Relocation Director, and Regional Manager, to name a few. Nicole initially began her career on-site and worked her way up to the corporate level, so she knows the challenges and rewards that come with being on a community. She has extensive experience in Section 8, Section 202, LIHTC Section 42, Bond, Relocation, HOME, PFC Programs, FHA Mortgage requirements and many other affordable housing programs. Her resume includes properties throughout the country, providing additional knowledge to multiple state-specific programs. Nicole is passionate about affordable housing because the need is great, and she believes that everyone should have a place they are proud to call home. Nicole holds the following certifications: Certified Occupancy Specialist Advanced (COSA), Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM), Management and Occupancy Review Specialists (MORS), Certified Housing Manager (CHM), Tax Credit Specialist (TCS), Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM), Senior Housing Specialist (SHS), and Assisted Housing Manager (AHM).