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Benefits Of Living In A Community-Oriented Apartment Home

Apartment communities provide many benefits for renters, like flexibility and convenience. When making a decision on where to live, consider that apartment communities typically provide additional benefits that you may not receive as a single-family rental home dweller or home owner. We’ve outlined our favorite benefits of living in a community-oriented apartment home to help make your decision a little easier. 

Community Amenities

Community is included in the name for good reason! From sparkling pools and fitness centers to resident lounges and outdoor gathering areas. Memories and connections are bound to be made in the community amenity spaces at your apartment home when you take advantage of them! Not to mention, access is included in your rent - so why not enjoy them as much as you can?

Stronger Sense of Security

There’s naturally going to be a stronger sense of safety and security when you know you’re surrounded by a community that’s looking out for you. That’s something that many apartment dwellers miss when they leave their apartment communities and opt for buying a home. Another benefit of these communities is knowing that gated access, keycard and pin pad access, surveillance cameras, and on-site patrol is available and keeping you safe with unmatched attention. 

Worry-Free Maintenance

When you live in a community-oriented apartment home, the natural understanding is that everyone wants to be there and take care of their homes and outdoor environments just the same as you, as a sense of pride within the community. This is also achieved through worry-free maintenance programs provided by your apartment community, so you can spend more time focusing on your own interests. 

Stronger Sense of Community

There are few feelings more rewarding than knowing you are part of a community you’re proud of, and this is easily achieved when living in an apartment home that values and puts forth ideals of community in high regard! From resident events to community amenities, to simply engaging with your neighbors and fellow residents, the feeling of knowing you’re a part of something bigger than yourself is a reward in itself.


Community-oriented apartment homes are created with the needs and desires of its residents first in mind. Naturally, this results in better located communities, easier access to community amenities and events, and the knowing that your home was made for you - not the other way around.


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Best Places to Swim Near Your Luxury Apartment in Midtown Houston

Beat the heat this summer at these awesome swimming locations around your Luxury Apartment in Midtown Houston! Whether you choose to hang at the pool, beach, or lake, we’ve got you covered in this list!


Lake Longhorn

Lake Longhorn has areas for fishing, swimming, boating, and the option to rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards for the day. Entry is $15 per person, and to rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe for the day is $15. Spend the day with friends and family, full of activities for everyone to enjoy on this 30 acre plot! Only 1 hour from downtown Houston.


Lake Livingston

At $5 per person aged 13 and up, Lake Livingston is an affordable swimming location with enough space and activities for everyone to find something to do! Kayaks and paddleboards are available to rent for $18 per hour. There is a ladder entry into the swimming area, as well as a small beach area located near the boat ramps. 


Wolf Creek Park

For $5 per person, this kid-friendly park is the perfect place to bring the family! The swimming area is large and roped off to ensure that the water is never too deep to be deemed safe. Kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes are also available for rent to those who wish to do more than swim. Open Monday - Thursday, Wolf Creek is a great location to spend the day cooling off in this summer heat!


Emancipation Swimming Pool

Fully equipped with a full size pool, kids pool, and water slides, the Emancipation Swimming Pool is a great place to bring the whole family to enjoy for the day. Feel free to spend the day here, as there are tables and concessions available to enjoy lunch by the pool!


Moody Park Swimming Pool

Located at the Moody Park Community Center in Houston, this public swimming pool is open Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-8pm. Moody Park features adult and kid swimming areas, so there is an area for those with and without kids. Best of all, it's right near your luxury apartment in Midtown Houston!


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