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Property Management Company in Houston, TX Shares Tips For Keeping Your Apartment Tidy

It’s usually springtime when people start thinking about how to keep their apartments tidy, but it’s hard to maintain a tidiness routine year round. As a property management company in Houston, TX, we’ve seen our apartments at many levels of tidiness. Today, we’re rounding up our top tips to keep your apartment clean without getting overwhelmed.

Creating A Cleaning Schedule

There are many ways to create a cleaning schedule; the key is to so find one that works for you! You might decide to spend an entire afternoon cleaning every few weeks, or you might prefer doing a little bit of cleaning every day so that you’re never cleaning too much at once.

If you live with others, delegate some of these tasks and communicate clearly about your shared cleaning and tidying responsibilities. Don’t take on the extra mental or physical labor to keep track of every cleaning task if there are others who are able to help.

Buy Organizers

Shelves, fridges, drawers, cabinets, shoes...there are many organizers built to suit them all and they can actually make quite a difference to the feeling of tidiness in your home. After all, your kitchen can be entirely clean, but still feel messy if you can’t find what you need easily or put things away to make room on your countertops. The same goes for your bathroom, shower, and closet. It may seem like a small thing, but it can transform how spacious and tidy your apartment feels.

Give Your Entryway A Makeover

Let’s face it, the first thing most of us do when we walk in the door is drop all our things. We throw our keys on a table, kick off our shoes and drape our jackets over whatever’s available. If you have the money for it, consider investing in a shoe rack plus hooks for your jacket and keys. You can buy all these things separately or as one multi-purpose front entrance piece. All that matters is that you give yourself somewhere to put your stuff!

Buy Furniture With Built-In Storage

Whether it’s a coffee table with a drawer, an ottoman with a hollow chamber inside, or a bench with built-in drawers underneath the seat, furniture with built-in storage can give you more places to put away odds and ends that contribute to clutter. For example, an ottoman can become a great place to store throw blankets, board games, or movies. And a bench with drawers could be a good place to store extra scarves, gloves, hats, and shoes near the entryway of your luxury apartment in Houston.

That’s it for our tidying tips! We hope you found this post informative and helpful! If you want to shop the best luxury apartments in Houston and other RPM communities across the US, check out our Communities page.