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Property Management Company in Austin, TX Talks Best Austin BBQ

As a property management company in Austin, TX, we’ve heard a lot of conflicting opinions about who has the best BBQ in Austin. Luckily, our luxury apartments in North Austin, South Austin, and East Austin are all just minutes from some of the most acclaimed BBQ spots in town. We’re rounding up our top five so you can visit all the heavy hitters.


You can’t talk about Austin barbecue without talking about Franklin’s. This BBQ spot is best known for having a massive line that extends well beyond the front door as people camp out to get a taste of what many say is the best BBQ in town. If you’re not into standing in lines, you can also reserve Franklin’s BBQ for pickup as long as you plan it well in advance.


Way down south on Manchaca, you’ll find one of the relatively hidden gems of Austin BBQ: Valentina’s. This food truck is well worth a visit, especially with their convenient outdoor seating. If you’re a taco lover, this spot may be your top pick, because the Tex-Mex influence is strong here; tortillas are provided with your order, and the queso, chips and roasted tampiquena make the perfect sides, even if it’s a little untraditional.

Terry Black’s

Another must-visit BBQ spot, Terry Black’s is located on Barton Springs Road next to Auditorium Shores. Its venue is spacious, so you can usually find a spot to settle in, even when it’s busy. They have all the classics like brisket and beef ribs, but even the less beloved meats like sausage and turkey are delicious. Plus, they have a peach cobbler you shouldn’t pass up.

la Barbecue

La Barbecue is a delicious hot spot in East Austin, located on Cesar Chavez. Folks rave about their brisket and beef ribs and say it has the best coleslaw in town. This is another place that often has a long line, but you can also call ahead to place your order and skip the line.

Salt Lick

Although its flagship location is technically outside of the Austin city limits (in Driftwood, TX), Salt Lick is well worth the trip. We decided it had to be included even though the only location actually in Austin is at the airport (which we highly recommend as your first dinner when you arrive home after a trip). Salt Lick has one of the best BBQ sauces you’ll find anywhere and of course the brisket and ribs are to die for. Plus, you can catch live music in their outdoor seating area. Just be aware this is a cash-only, BYOB spot.

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