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How to Connect Maintenance and Office Team Efforts to Drive NOI/Results | Mic’d Up with RPM - “Faces of Facilities” Episode

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In the third episode of Mic’d Up with RPM, Vice President of Facilities Cerwin Thompson and Regional Vice President of Facilities Darryl Manco discuss challenges inherent in the maintenance field and essential actions that lead to increased net operating income (NOI) and resident satisfaction. 

Facilitating internal cohesion between on-site leasing and maintenance teams is a central focus of Manco and Thompson throughout the podcast. This requires strategies to encourage each team to opt in, such as meeting shared goals or participating in cross-training, and even simply mixing the teams during engagement events and social activities in a more intentional way to build connection. 

Thompson shared that when the dynamic is off between service and office teams, it negatively impacts how the asset operates. Properties where the teams are collaborating effectively tend to see better resident retention and customer service, higher occupancy and higher NOI.   

The leaders also identified interpersonal respect as a simple but critical element to achieve this collaborative relationship among on-site teams – a team that trusts each person will do their job and do it well. 

Recruiting and retention is another key theme in this podcast episode. With today's competitive market for skilled service personnel, Thompson and Manco partner closely with the RPM Talent Acquisition team to find maintenance talent. Manco shares their approach of prioritizing service candidates’ potential over experience, recognizing that within their department, skills will be developed. (Find the role for you at RPM at rpmliving.com/careers/.) The leaders stressed the value of learning from errors and how to view challenges as opportunities for progress, a philosophy regularly modeled to their teams.  

 “[Take] the pride out of it. We're all going to make mistakes, and mistakes are what help us grow…just dust yourself off and pick yourself back up and keep moving forward,” Thompson says, candidly sharing a time his mistake led to the burnout of several transformers. 

Manco and Thompson also suggest that a balance of centralization and decentralization currently yields the most efficient workflow for maintenance and that, even with technological advancements like artificial intelligence, human involvement remains indispensable in the service field. All of this requires associates to hone their adaptability skills while staying abreast of new technologies to streamline processes.   

RPM's distinctive programs and people-centric culture significantly contribute to retaining top talent. In addition to the dedicated Town Hall meetings that include interaction between on-site associates and corporate leadership, associates appreciate weekly pay for on-site teams, annual surveys, diverse employee engagement initiatives, active recognition through events like Service Appreciation Week, and various other benefits that solidify RPM as a preferred workplace for maintenance teams. 


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Service Appreciation Week 2023


Service Appreciation Week 2023


Service Appreciation Week 2023

 “It doesn't matter if you're the groundskeeper or the CEO of our company, at the end of the day, everyone [must] feel valued. And when we do that, we create this culture where people love going to work, right?”, Manco proposed. 


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