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Debut Episode of Mic’d Up with RPM

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Unlock insights from RPM Living's top operational leaders in the debut episode of Mic’d Up with RPM, hosted by Tony Sousa, VP of Marketing Relations. Cynthia Miller, President of Operations, and Division Presidents of Operations, Stephanie Johnston and Trisha Satterlund, candidly discuss their career paths and the greatest impacts on their success, work-life balance strategies, and industry forecasts for 2024.  

The podcast opens with the leaders’ reflections on their journeys in the industry from leasing agents to executive management. They attribute their ascent to their current roles to a blend of competitive spirit and intelligent curiosity which propels them in empowering their teams and driving success.  

Early in their careers, the leaders faced a common hurdle: a lack of visibility into growth opportunities and the various company’s operations.

“Looking back, I wish that I had had more visibility into what a growth path looked like,” Johnston stated. “I had no idea who half the leaders were at my company [nor did I have a grasp of the perspective beyond my on-site role.]” 

Thanks to this shared early experience, the leaders are particularly passionate about giving their teams access to resources and people to help them understand growth opportunities and paths.

Miller strongly affirms, "My success is intricately linked to the success of my teams." “What was the magnetic pull to RPM for you?”, asked Sousa. “Jason, honestly, was what attracted me,” Miller replied. “[He] is very available for our on-site teams. He's extremely genuine. He directly answers live questions from all associates every quarter in our Town Hall meetings. I think that when it starts at the top, it 100% bleeds all the way down.”  

Satterlund added, “The culture, the people, the entrepreneurial spirit that Jason promotes. He allows us to really own a piece of the business. That [autonomy] was attractive to me. To be able to come in and be part of the fabric of the company to make decisions that better our lives, our associates’ lives, our partners’ lives...” 

Aligning with CEO Jason Berkowitz’s intentional avoidance of labeling RPM as a "family," the leaders echo the importance of maintaining clear boundaries between work and personal life. With a camaraderie akin to athletes like Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce, RPM teams form tight bonds and revel in shared wins; yet, at the end of the day, both groups return home to what is most important, their families. Contrary to the notion that women "can't have it all," these leaders firmly assert that they can and do achieve a rewarding balance working at RPM.   

As the podcast nears a close, Miller, Johnston, and Satterlund offer insights into the industry's outlook, emphasizing the importance of navigating the challenges of the current financial climate with agility and adaptability. With a razor-sharp focus on associate engagement, resident satisfaction, and client-centricity, RPM charts a strategic course of continued growth. 

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About Mic’d Up with RPM, an RPM Living Podcast  

From insights to inside jokes. Hot topics. Hard topics. Stories of people and the things that matter (inside the multifamily industry and out). Mic'd Up With RPM, an RPM Living podcast, is unpacking today’s hottest multifamily, customer experience and business topics with RPM thought leaders and subject-matter experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

Hosted by VP of Marketing Relations Tony Sousa, Mic’d Up With RPM is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.  



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