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Client-Centered Strategies For Success | Mic'd Up with RPM - The "Client Services" Podcast

The Back-to-Basics Approach to Selling and Operating 

RPM Living has grown remarkably in the multifamily industry, recently rising to the third-largest apartment manager on NMHC's Top 50 List. Much of this success stems from a client-centric and back-to-basics approach in selling and operating, according to Max Reinbach III, President of Client Services, and Quinn Powell, EVP of Client Services. In the latest podcast episode of Mic'd Up with RPM, learn how this methodology contributes to the team's success and RPM's overall growth. 

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In response to moderator Tony Sousa’s opening questions, Reinbach called attention to the fact that RPM Regional Managers, who are the frontline contacts with clients, oversee only a maximum of five properties each, which is significantly fewer than the industry average. This formula allows RPM to provide exceptional and consistent service to clients and time to maintain strong relationships with them.  

“Business development may get the deal, Operations keeps it through performance, whether that is market-driven, people-driven, whatever it is,” Reinbach offered. 

Another important aspect of the back-to-basics approach is building strong, long-term partnerships with property owners and investors. Transparent communication ensures that clients are informed and involved in the decision-making processes about their properties.   

“If you're not continuing to keep people informed or doing what you're saying you're going to do, [you will] lose credit,” Reinbach said. “...Whatever we set out to do, we might do it right or wrong. But if we're communicating along the way, I think that makes a better partnership.” 

Another tactic mentioned by the Client Services leaders includes visiting clients at their location, which creates an opportunity to get to know each other in person while talking about topics other than strictly business.  

Powell supported this as she added, “They know they can always call me…to solve the issue and make sure their [preferences are] heard.” Clients have trust in the company, and they know they can count on RPM. 

One topic of conversation among the leaders was how they continue to stay motivated and deliver stellar results. "My why [is that] I get to lead this team,” Powell stated. “They inspire me and teach me just as much, if not more." Drawing inspiration from the team also motivates them to engage further. 
RPM reinvests its profits back into the company each year, improving systems and programs that benefit clients and associates. This strategy gives an advantage to the property owner and promotes career growth internally, while also bringing a seamless living experience to residents.  

RPM continues to set the standard in property management through its innovative practices, strong client partnerships and commitment to associate well-being. Property owners, developers and investors seeking to maximize their returns and maximizing their property value can look to RPM as a trusted partner. With a proven track record of success and a forward-thinking mindset, RPM Living stands out as the clear choice. 

About RPM Living: RPM Living is a leading multifamily management company renowned for its innovative approach to real estate services. With a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction and a focus on personalized solutions, RPM Living has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the firm's national portfolio spans over 50 markets, managing more than 200,000 units and boasting an owned portfolio of $3 billion. Founded in 2002 by Jason Berkowitz, RPM Living continues to uphold its core values of integrity, excellence, and exceptional service.  

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