RPM’s COO of Investments Chimes in on AI, Using Models to Predict Future Rent Growth

Josh Kahn, RPM’s Chief Operating Officer, was featured in a PERE article on the commercial real estate industry adopting AI. Discussing how managers are using models to predict future rent growth, Josh stated “these models will become more dynamic and start to incorporate asset-level characteristics likely to drive performance.

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RPM Chief Economist Talks Impact of Fed Policy on Housing Market

During his appearance on Bloomberg Businessweek, RPM Chief Economist Brad Dillman discussed the impact of Fed policy on home builders and the housing market. During the segment, Brad spoke on the difference between national inflation statistics and what's actually happening with rental prices, hinting at how looking at things regionally might give us a better handle on housing trends.

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RPM Chief Economist Discusses Homebuilding and High Interest Rates

On "The Watch List," Chief Economist Brad Dillman addressed the Case-Shiller Index data released this week and the implications on homebuilding amidst high interest rates. Reflecting on the third consecutive month of rising home prices, Brad attributed this trend to a decade of underbuilding and low volume in the housing market.

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